Why Privacy will Win Out

o-internet-privacy-facebookIn order to set the tone for this topic, I must make reference in a manner that has no link for you to go check out, but rather comes from personal experience. My father always tells me of his adventures (or lack there of) from his old college days. One story that sticks out more so than others is from the classroom and a history professor he once had. One lesson in particular was about war and what caused it, what was worth fighting for? More or less, the topic was about what nations were willing to fight for. The question that this professor began the day with was “in 100 years, what will be the most valuable resource on Earth, which will lead to war?”.

As you could imagine, many of the students raised their hands and chimed in with answers such as “Gas, coal, oil, livestock, and religion”. What came as a surprise to the class was that none of these answers were correct. The professor then went to the chalk board and wrote “clean drinking water”. As you can probably guess, students began to look at each other in disbelief, but once a class-wide discussion broke out the masses were educated. The reason for clean water being seen as such a hot commodity is due to the fact that it is something we all need to survive and is always at risk.

If you think of how many ways water can be polluted, this begins to make sense. Picture a travesty in which the world is suffering from a nuclear fallout, then think of what would matter to you most. Clean drinking water now becomes the difference between life and death. Today, in a much milder manner privacy is at a premium. From a consumer’s stand point, we all want to know that our interests and actions are kept secret to an extent. The companies that do the best job of selling us privacy are going to do the most business, hands down!

As per the FCC your local, long distance, and wireless phone companies, as well as IP service providers, collect customer proprietary network information, such as the numbers you call and when you call them. (FCC, 2016) The fact of the matter is whether its legal or illegal, we are being watched and there is always going to be comfort in privacy which is why the company that can offer me the least invasive product will win my business.


(2016 ). Retrieved from Federal Communications Commission : https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/protecting-your-privacy


One thought on “Why Privacy will Win Out

  1. I was searching YouTube but cannot find it. Several years ago I was working a show and the keynote presentation was on the future of water and why it will become the resource that will cause wars. It was frightening. As a child I would have never considered paying for bottled water. Now we pay for bottled water and I keep a Zero Water filter pitcher in my refrigerator and highly recommend it to remove TDS (total dissolved solids) from the water.
    Additionally, i saw this yesterday and it may help keep the impending water war away – http://waterseer.org/.

    — Kim

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