The New Age – Digital Assistants


Welcome to the new age, ladies and gentleman! As we all know (or should by now), we have some new friends. Software advances in mobile technologies such as phone and tablets now come equipped with a personal “digital” assistant that conducts inquiries on our behalf. The two most prominent assistants are known as Siri and Cortana, which are products of Apple and Microsoft respectively.

These technological strides are something right out of Star Trek, in terms of the ability to actually talk to a machine and speak your command. The idea that a digital device can not only hear what we say, but responds with suggestions is something that would mesmerize the likes of our ancestors. The fact that this is an everyday tool rather than space age equipment is even more impressive.

The fact that these assistants can perform tasks such as calling, texting, emailing, searching the web, and creating reminders is very helpful to our tasks from day to day. Not only are these assistants helpful and limit our workloads, but they have a pretty good sense of humor too. This may not contribute to your chores, but it is good to have a lighthearted laugh from time to time. You can ask each assistants funny questions such as “tell me a joke” or “what is the meaning of life” and you will typically get a unique and humorous response. (pocket-lint, 2015)

All things considered, the possibilities are endless for whats in store for the future of these digital personal assistants!


(2015, December 29). Retrieved from Pocket-Lint:


2 thoughts on “The New Age – Digital Assistants

  1. You remind me of the times when I heard my kids ask Siri ” Hey Siri what did the fox say” or “Siri, do you have a boyfriend”, and laughing hysterically with the responses. Lol! It was later I came to know that this was a huge social media news that Siri had the ability to “literally” talk to you than just conveying information.

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  2. It is very sad for me to admit that I have never once attempted to use a digital assistant. I have thought about it from time to time, but have always just found Google to be just as convenient. I know that some people can get annoyed or frustrated with Suri (I have heard many stories) but I like the idea that Suri can actually answer normal questions, not just give directions or spill out random facts. I have been able to use the “My Ford Touch” technology feature in my car, and love how I am able to talk to my car, and have it provide me with useful information. The technology is still very touchy, and it doesn’t recognize my voice very all of the time, but after the glitches are worked out, I can see newer vehicles providing their own digital assistants, which will completely eliminate any need to ever have to text and drive.

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