The Value of “Eye-Catching” Headlines


A heading can be the make or break factor in whether or not your ad or promotion is going to boom or bust. A heading is simply described as a short phrase that describes what the succeeding section is all about. In other words, it is pretty much the tittle of what you are about to read. (editex, 2016)

While it is easy to explain a heading, it is much more difficult to create one that grabs the readers attention. It’s kind of funny if you think about it, something so small meaning so much to your level of success. Keep in mind, the content will ultimately be the primary sale point when the document or promotion is opened by the reader, but the heading will be a significant first step in deciding whether or not you get to second base.

The headings and sub headings represent the key concepts and ideas in the body. This is why it is so important to have headlines that don’t read something as simple as “New Item” or “Great Value”. On the contrary, marketers need examples such as “This will Change your Method of Thinking”. These being basic examples, of course. It is not my place to try and explain how to be creative with headpins, but I would like to think that I can help readers understand how very important it is not to underestimate the value of a catchy headline!


(2016, August 29). Retrieved from Editex:


2 thoughts on “The Value of “Eye-Catching” Headlines

  1. Jordan,
    You’re right, headlines are one of the most important piece in marketing, and it’s often an element that isn’t paid enough attention to. Not only are headlines important for catching consumers’ attention, it is important for search-ability as well. John Schlander, digital general manager of the Tampa Bay Times, teaches his students that meaning, reader interest and searchability are the strongest elements of effective headlines via


  2. Headings are critically important. I would argue that many people, oftentimes myself included, read little more than the headig itself. Even when scrolling through a news site, such as, on my phone, I will often scroll through headings to obtain my news. In a world that is so overly saturated with content and information, I rarely spend a lot of time reading articles. If the heading is fairly descriptive, I will often not even read the article or do an extraordinarly fast skim to grab a data point or two to support whatever the claim was that the heading made. It is only the most enticing, or curiosity inducing headlines that cause me to actually read an article. These headlines usually contain a “cliff hanger” in which I am left wanting to know more than what I was able to glean from the heading.



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