The Internet of Things (IoT) and Me


It is no surprise that the Internet of Things has taken on a life of its own (quite literally). There are so many things that many of us, including myself used to take for granted. Some may ask themselves what the (IoT) has to do with them. Perhaps your case is similar to mine in the fact that I have a pet. Anyone how has a pet may know how frightening it can be when your furry friend goes missing. This is why many pet owners have begun getting their pets embedded with a chip used for tracking purposes.

This chip is able to track the animal’s location and report it to a source without the need for human interaction. This is similar to the technology used to track your cell phone if it is lost. So next time you wonder how the Internet of Things (IoT) deals with your things, just remember that you most likely have already come in contact with the (IoT) in one form or another. This is sure to become more likely with each passing year!


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2 thoughts on “The Internet of Things (IoT) and Me

  1. The Internet of Things is an interesting subject. The device you mentioned is a great invention for people with pets that way they can track them. It would be interesting if they could make something similar for humans without being so invasive, maybe an earring with an embedded chip for children that way if they are missing they can easily be tracked.


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