Do Twitter Ads Actually Work?


At this point it should be obvious that social media is a part of just about all of our lives on a daily basis. This tends to lead to using social media advertising very favorably for many corporations looking to get their brand’s message on your myriad of mobile devices. Ultimately, the questions is how effective are these ads?

Its clear that every company wants the best results possible, but it’s hard to know whether you should rely on the traditional forms of marketing such as content marketing including e-mail campaigns or jump into the social network with a platform like Twitter. (Single Grain, 2016) With more and more social media users emerging with each passing year, it would seem that more attention than ever is on social media as opposed to more traditional marketing platforms. Though there can still be speculation, it would be wise if companies would adapt with the times and shift more of a focus on social media ads.

Sure, your company could still send ads via e-mail and hope for the best, but the law of averages says that your advertisement will be seen by more eyes through the means of modern social media. With this trend continuing to be the norm, more companies marketing departments will surely follow suit and begin relaying ads through platforms such as Twitter. Not to sound like a cliche, but the beat goes on!


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One thought on “Do Twitter Ads Actually Work?

  1. Jordan,
    Although research indicates how effective social media ads can be, I think people don’t realize just how much of an impact they can really have on sales when utilized and optimized correctly. I work with a digital marketing agency called Impakt Marketing that sees astronomical results from optimizing social media ads to their full potential. Check out a couple of their case studies here!

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