Recruiting is a Two Way Street! – Diversity In The Market and Industry

audit-web-graphicThere are several ways that websites can try to market their product in the modern age. A few mediums of communication may be text ads, banner ads, or even native ads which appear within your viewing content, but are not intended to distract. Regardless of how your site is advertising it is never a bad thing to have your processes evaluated from multiple vantage points. This is where diversity rears its pretty head.

Some may view recruiting as merely a manner in which the company focuses its attention on a specific group or groups. What is lost on the general public, but needs to find its way to the desk of the CEO is the value in not only selling to specific minorities, but bringing them on-board your company. The idea is that by staffing your company with a more diverse group you can then understand more about what each specific demographic views as important to them back on the outside.

Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and many more have already found the value in diversity as well as the lack of it. In August of 2015 The first ever “Demo Day” was hosted at the White House. This event was organized to showcase women and minority founders in technology. This event as well as some presidential influence sparked some of these major companies to announce new diversity initiatives. It is now more than ever highly regarded to commit to improving the recruitment and hiring of such minorities in addition to simply selling to them.



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