Why Does Emerging Media Matter?

cropped-mediaFor starters, the most commonly applied ‘shorthand description’ of emerging media is that it is communications of all types, based on digital technologies, and increasingly with interactive components. (American Journal of Business, 2016)

This sound familiar? If so, it should! When one is presented with the task of contemplating the existence or perhaps the definition of emerging media, our everyday life certainly should come to mind. The best way to label emerging media or rather social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter is “dynamic” or alive.

Whether we like it or not, the communications world is rapidly changing, and this is heavily effecting the advertising and marketing community. (ABC Creative Group, 2016)

As stated above, these rapid changes are upon us, how companies evolve with such changes will ultimately determine their fate. The idea needs to involve the utilization of this emerging media in the methods of communication in terms of B2C.






2 thoughts on “Why Does Emerging Media Matter?

  1. Jordan,

    I think the idea to label emerging media/social media as dynamic or alive is great. It really gives it a sense of being in the moment with these type of social media accounts. Twitter takes on a life of its own sometimes when news first breaks. I know for myself, I see a lot of news and current events break first on Twitter.

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  2. Jordan,
    I completely agree with you that our everyday lives come to mind when thinking of emerging media and would take it a step further to say that our lives are now consumed with emerging media types and platforms. For better or worse, this total inundation with media is only just beginning. I was at a Cisco conference recently and one of the speakers shared a scenarion that is likely to play out in the very near future. In this sceario, as soon as you walk into a store, a camera will use facial recognition technology to pull up your full history, social media data, interests, shopping preferences, and behaviors – and provide that data to a salesman or woman to be able to more efficiently sell to you on the store floor – all in real time! It’s a pretty scary thought, but all of the technology is there and will be tied together to deliver this a new media platform.

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